Blood Gas and Chemistry Management

TELCOR QML® is operational at more than 2,500 facilities reporting results around the clock from more than 6,000 active device type connections. Regardless of location – OR, ED, cath lab, bedside or ambulatory – knowing QML connects with these manufacturers in any location provides freedom to choose and freedom to change without impacting workflow or POC program management.

  • Abbott Diagnostics
  • Abbott Point of Care
  • Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Nova Biomedical®
  • OPTI Medical Systems, Inc.
  • Radiometer America
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Siemens Healthineers


Unlimited workflow configurations. QML can be configured to meet your workflow requirements. This includes using QML strictly as a pass-through for results to the LIS/EMR, or using QML to complete oxygen delivery parameters, review and document critical results, or anything in between.

Easy to replace analyzers. No changes are needed when it’s time to replace analyzers. When it’s time to replace analyzers with a different manufacturer, your current workflow does not have to change and neither does QML and your host system interfaces.

Flexible Host System Interfaces

TELCOR QML interfaces to more than 40 different clinical host systems–the most by a point of care testing middleware provider in the industry today. These interfaces include laboratory information systems, EMR/EHR systems and other clinical applications.

Though the majority of interfaces are industry-standard HL7, TELCOR interfaces are the most flexible in the industry and include hundreds of configuration options. TELCOR can support scripted (a.k.a. terminal emulation, screen scraping) interfaces to systems unable to accept HL7 result messages. QML also supports multiple simultaneous result interfaces when blood gases from a non-lab department are added to an existing QML system.

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