Request a TELCOR QML Demo

Many POC middleware solutions make the same claim. We know seeing is believing. To make smart decisions on your POC middleware vendor, participating in a demonstration is the first step. We welcome the opportunity to show how TELCOR will give you line of sight into all of your POC data management needs.

TELCOR QML includes many powerful advantages including:

  • The ability to receive and report results from 150+ different medical device types that perform testing outside the traditional lab setting: bedside, near-patient satellite labs, standalone ED units, clinics and physician offices. This extensive list of devices, including an option for charting of manual test results, continues to rapidly expand as technology advances.
  • A menu-driven system for all aspects of your point of care program. This includes access to all patient and QC results from devices, managing customer-defined result exceptions, importing and managing operators, configuring devices, managing host system interface exceptions, reporting and much more. Secure access to QML, hosted within the customer’s defined data center(s), is available through the customer’s application distribution mechanism.
  • Device and host system interfaces running unattended 24x7x365. This allows information to pass from host systems to devices and back to host systems without POC intervention unless warranted. Host system interfaces can include multiple of ADT, Orders, Unsolicited and Solicited Results, and information from learning management systems for operator competency.

Looking for more information? Check out our resources page.