Automated Alerts

QML Alerts and Status provide monitoring of QML interfaces. Alerts provide email or text warning messages when unexpected events occur. Status provides an on-demand, real-time view of the condition of the application’s interfaces. Alerts and Status function independently.

Real-time Dashboard

Tiles are available from the dashboards tab and present a data view reflecting the status of the application. The tiles view serves as the home page and provides an alternative to navigating the system using the menu and ribbon bars. Although the tiles automatically refresh every five minutes, instantaneous updates are available by clicking the icon on the Dashboards tab. Each tile provides the status summary of daily POC workflow areas.

Result Exceptions

Review only patient and/or QC results that have been specifically configured for review/edit prior to releasing to the LIS/EMR. These could be results with flags from devices, ranges configured within QML, or additional information such as oxygen delivery required for reporting. These results are automatically held in a queue for easy access.

Operator Management

Every point of care program is looking for the ability to improve efficiency and decrease errors when managing operator certification and training information. QML provides both by offering flexibility in certification configurations as well as a single point of documentation for all point of care tests whether connected or not. Configurations for the certification process can be defined to meet standards per facility, location, and/or device type. QML also allows for certifications to be managed manually or through an auto-recertification process. This process will re-certify operators automatically after meeting the defined requirements, eliminating the need to review and certify each operator manually.

Metrics & Statistics

Eliminate manual collection, collating, and counting with the most extensive and flexible reporting functionality offered in the POC market. Data to be included in the reporting views is selected through the extensive query (filter) capability and formatted based on the selected report/view. Reporting categories include utilization, operator and device performance, QC patient, and turnaround times. These reports are architected to be easily enhanced. New reports are added, or existing reports updated without a QML version update, to timely and effectively deliver customer and market needs.

Unlimited Data Mining

Access data at any time through the extensive query (aka filter) capability using customer predefined or ad-hoc filters. The outcome of the query will be displayed and can be printed or exported as applicable.


QML can be configured for access to only those operators, devices, locations, and results for which each QML operator is responsible. Access may be by QML internal login with encrypted passwords or integrated Windows session credentials. When using QML in a multi-disciplinary setting (e.g. laboratory, respiratory, and ambulatory) or a mulit-facility setting, access can be limited to functions and data applicable to each QML operator.

Everything, Everywhere Point of Care™

Grant QML access to those appropriate (e.g., point of care, respiratory, LIS, ambulatory) from anywhere via a Citrix® or an Internet Explorer® distribution mechanism. QML security roles and data access then determine who has access to which area and information.