TELCOR eLearning Interface

Most health care organizations manage employees and competency in disparate systems; an LMS for learning and education, and an HRIS for employee records. Point of care testing (POCT) systems need information from both of these and until now this information had to be manually entered into the POCT system. An eLearning interface from an LMS/HRIS eliminates errors and omissions associated with this manual entry and also automatically provides a consolidated view of each operator’s testing performed, competencies completed along with updated employee information.

The QML® eLearning interface performs some or all of the following tasks that are vital to managing your POCT operators while storing
recertification data such as competency and samples performed together in QML for presentation during inspections.

Operator Management

  • Automatically add new operators
  • Automatically inactivate existing operators
  • Automatically update operator demographics such as name and location changes

Competency Management

  • Automatically certify operators based on samples performed and completed with competency(ies) so you only review exceptions in the CertificationQ
  • Expand competency components beyond quizzes if supported by your LMS. Examples could include
    • Direct observation completion and status of patient testing.
    • Recording and reporting of patient test results.
    • Direct observation of instrument maintenance and calibration.
    • Problem-solving skills as appropriate to the job.

Getting Started

  • Contact TELCOR for pricing and more about the eLearning interface.
  • Identify your LMS/ HRIS resources who can discuss employee record updates and course completion with our team.

Request a Demo!

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