QML® and i-STAT® 1

Seamless integration. Extensive functionality.

Seamlessly integrate your i-STAT 1 and i-STAT 1 Wireless System with TELCOR QML to experience the robust benefits of connectivity. QML allows users to manage results, operators, patients and handheld assignments all from within QML. Users also can access the i-STAT/DE Customization Workspace from the QML Vendor menu to create i-STAT-specific, location-based preferences and update CLEW and JAMS software versions.

QML customization

  • Send QML facilities and QML locations to populate i-STAT/DE institutions, departments and locations
  • Send certified operators to i-STAT/DE, which are subsequently uploaded to the appropriate handhelds based on the operator’s QML
    facility assignment.
  • Send handheld serial numbers and downloader/wireless device IP addresses configured within QML, to DE with their QML assigned
    facility and location.
  • Automatically update the handheld’s customization settings, to either the download location or device location, based on the QML
    device configuration record.

i-STAT customization

  • Access the i-STAT/DE Customization Workspace from the QML Vendor menu for CLEW assignment and location-based preferences.


  • Support for i-STAT Positive Patient ID functionality — send up to 6,000 patient demographic records to each facility and all handhelds
    assigned to the facility.
  • Receive patient, aqueous and electronic simulator QC results.
  • Receive quality check codes and the associated error information.


  • Monitor quality check codes using:
    • The QML POC Note Analysis report, which generates a report with sample counts and percent of samples for each quality
      check code category by QML location, handheld or operator.
    • The POC Result and QC reports, which generate a report listing samples with each of the error codes and their associated error
  • Monitor utilization using the POC Program Summary report for the handhelds by cartridge type within QML facility and location, which
    includes patient, AQC and EQC sample and result counts, assigned device and operator counts.
  • Review Instrument Event Codes with the POC Results Report.
  • Monitor EQC Simulator results directly from the QML Result Repository. The samples can be exported in an Excel format.
  • Complete review of your Quality Control Program all within QML.
    • Define fixed mean and standard deviation (SD) for each analyte or let QML calculate fixed mean and SD from the data selected.
    • Generate Levey Jennings graphs.
    • Exclude erroneous samples from both graphs and calculations if necessary.
    • Use the POC QC Report to review all samples or only outliers.

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