Save time. Capture manual test results with WebMRE®.

A point of care (POC) testing system would not be complete without the ability to capture results for patient and liquid QC tests performed manually by those outside the clinical lab. WebMRE is a web-based, add-on module that fully integrates with TELCOR QML® to capture manual test results. That means all results — whether from connected devices or manually entered — are available within QML and interfaced to the LIS/EMR for consistent and consolidated point of care result reporting.

WebMRE uses the existing functions of QML. It allows the laboratory to define unlimited panel and test configurations, result options for each test and flags for abnormal results. WebMRE uses Import and other QML functions to manage manual test results and the operators who perform them, just like it does when receiving automated test results. It also uses the existing result interface, whether EDI or Script, to report these results to the LIS/EMR. Not only does this provide consolidated and consistent POCT reporting, but it also provides the opportunity to bill for manual tests as a byproduct of their result entry.

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