Lincoln, NE – April 15, 2024

TELCOR is excited to announce the promotions of Jessica Hillman, Implementation Specialist, Point of Care (POC); Daniela Miller, Claim Resolution Specialist, Revenue Cycle Services (RCS); Erin Schack, Pilot Installation Manager, POC; Kaylea Scdoris, Claim Resolution Specialist, RCS; and Tori Stratman, Remittance Specialist, RCS.

Since joining TELCOR in September 2019, Hillman has been a key member of the POC Implementation team skillfully managing escalations, overseeing multiple enterprise sites, and assisting with complex customer projects. She has also shared her expertise by mentoring new employees and providing internal education. In her new role as Implementation Specialist, Hillman will continue these responsibilities and assume a more structured role in POC document publication and new employee training.

Since joining TELCOR in September 2023, Miller has quickly mastered her initial responsibilities and progressed to managing more complex denials and workqueues. She recently assisted in the integration of a new location and has begun onboarding a new customer, requiring thorough trend analysis and investigative efforts to identify issues for configuration updates. In her new role, Miller will continue to identify commonalities and trends within current worklists, as well as across future and past worklists to continuously improve quality, efficiency, and outcomes for TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services customers.

Joining TELCOR in July 2009, Schack has played a pivotal role on the POC Installation team providing training and mentorship to both new and existing members. Her exceptional attention to detail and dedication to quality outcomes have significantly contributed to her success, especially on large enterprise sites. In her new role as Pilot Installation Manager, Schack will utilize her expertise to support TELCOR customers with installation and upgrades for beta projects.

Since joining TELCOR in July 2023, Scdoris has taken a proactive approach in trending and investigating denials, effectively resolving numerous issues, and enhancing our service quality. Recently, she has taken on a new customer, skillfully addressing more complex denials. In her new role, Scdoris will continue to support her teammates and develop solutions for customer challenges.

Since joining TELCOR in September 2023, Stratman has quickly mastered the comprehensive scope of remittance processes, significantly contributing to the success of multiple TELCOR RCS customers. Known for her eagerness to dive into projects and her dedication to seeing them through to completion, she consistently seeks to enhance her knowledge and improve efficiency in her work. In her new role, Stratman will continue to accurately post and reconcile payments received from customers.

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TELCOR provides exceptional products and services to thousands of hospitals and laboratories for point of care (POC) middleware, revenue cycle management (RCM) software and a billing service, TELCOR Revenue Cycle Solutions (RCS). The TELCOR team includes clinically experienced, software savvy, and billing professionals who understand customers’ unique environments.