Lincoln, NE – January 26, 2024

TELCOR is excited to announce the promotions of Sarah Axthelm, Blue Cross Blue Shield Team Lead, Revenue Cycle Services (RCS); Sarah Bottorff, Remittance Team Lead, RCS; Erik Cederdahl, Director, Point of Care (POC) Sales; Patrick Crosier, Credit and Refunds Lead, RCS; Brittany Duryea, Senior Implementation Analyst, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM); Nicole Gunn, Medicaid Team Lead, RCS; Michelle Hauschild, Claims Resolution Senior Lead, RCS; Cheri Miller, Claims Resolution Specialist, RCS; Brian Parr, Director, POC Sales; Morgan Sullwold, Senior Team Lead, RCS; and Trinity Van Laningham, Claims Resolution Senior Lead, RCS.

Since joining TELCOR in May 2021, Axthelm has effectively maintained control over work volume for RCS customers holding the largest Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) inventories, even taking on extra responsibilities to support the team. She consistently demonstrates preparedness when addressing issues, thereby positioning both herself and her customers for success. In her new role as BCBS Team Lead, Axthelm will apply innovative strategies to efficiently manage customer inventories and guide her team towards achieving their goals.

Since joining TELCOR in October 2019, Bottorff has succeeded in a variety of roles, ultimately leading to her success on the Remittance team. She is very detail-oriented and organized, leading even the most complex and high-volume customers to success. In her new role as Remittance Team Lead, Bottorff will be a role model and resource for her team.

Since joining TELCOR in August 2012, Cederdahl has consistently met or exceeded job expectations and his sales goals. Although he has the largest territory geographically, he has maintained a strong presence among customers and prospects. In his new role as Director of POC Sales, Cederdahl will continue to be a resource to the team and help foster relationships among vendors, customers, and prospects.

Since joining TELCOR in April 2021, Crosier has worked with a wide variety of customers and has played a crucial role in training new employees. He has been instrumental in developing and updating processes to streamline workflows, demonstrating his dedication to ensuring customer success. In his new role, Crosier will lead his own team while continuing to deliver results to customers.

Since joining TELCOR in August 2022, Duryea has made a positive impact on all implementation projects she has been associated with. With almost 20 years of healthcare experience, she provides advice to TELCOR customers on best practices and maximizing the application’s functionality for success. In her upcoming role, Duryea is expected to take on an even larger role in implementation projects, while continuing to perform product demonstrations and conduct on-site workflow analyses for prospects.

Joining TELCOR in June 2022, Gunn has become a trustworthy resource for her co-workers, offering clarity into complex denials and issues. She particularly excels in researching and trending denials to provide deeper insights for customers. In her new role, Gunn will leverage her billing expertise and positive attitude to lead her team in delivering ultimate value to customers.

Since joining TELCOR in August 2019, Hauschild has consistently gone above and beyond for her customers and team. She has shown a strong commitment to continuous improvement, often volunteering for additional projects and working to improve processes alongside her regular duties. In her new role as Claims Resolution Senior Lead, Hauschild will continue to be an exceptional leader for her team, providing guidance and ensuring the quick resolution of any issues.

Since joining TELCOR in November 2020, Miller has consistently demonstrated her billing expertise, particularly while working with two of our most complex customers within TELCOR RCS. Her diligence in researching and resolving issues has greatly benefited the TELCOR team. In her new role, Miller will continue to address complicated denials, further establishing herself as an invaluable asset to both our team and our customers.

Since joining TELCOR in February 2014, Parr has consistently represented the company with professionalism and enthusiasm, hitting his sales goals year after year. His quick yet tactful responses to questions have led him to form strong relationships with both customers and prospects, helping to build a robust pipeline of leads. In his new role as Director of POC Sales, Parr will continue to maintain these relationships while being a resource for the team.

Since joining TELCOR in December 2019, Sullwold has tackled any issues that arise alongside her team. She is dedicated to proactive training, workflow documentation, and has been a champion for updating best practices, as well as communicating updates to the team. In her new role, Sullwold will continue to go above and beyond, providing exceptional service to her customers and unwavering support to her team.

Since joining TELCOR in January 2023, Van Laningham has applied her extensive billing background to effectively resolve configuration issues, common denials, and other trends that arise with new customers. In addition, she excels at analyzing issues to accurately assess their severity before escalating them. In her new role, Van Laningham will continue to be an invaluable asset to her team, investigating complex issues and implementing effective solutions for TELCOR customers.

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TELCOR provides exceptional products and services to thousands of hospitals and laboratories for point of care (POC) middleware, revenue cycle management (RCM) software and a billing service, TELCOR Revenue Cycle Solutions (RCS). The TELCOR team includes clinically experienced, software savvy, and billing professionals who understand customers’ unique environments.