Lincoln, Nebraska – January 5, 2024 – TELCOR Inc is honored to sponsor the 2024 Q1 Productions Diagnostic Coverage and Reimbursement Conference. This semi-annual event connects attendees with public and private payers for direct perspective into policy development and decision-making frameworks in order to successfully expand product coverage.

Through dynamic presentations, including several panel discussions, from these commercial payer organizations as well as laboratories, test manufacturers, law firms and solution providers, attendees will learn more about diagnostic coverage and reimbursement in an intimate environment.

Since 2006, Q1 Productions has delivered educational programming across job functions and industries through curated events, rooted in thoughtful end-user research. “For more than 10 years, TELCOR has sponsored Q1 events,” said Karis Ahlberg, Vice President, Marketing. “They are a trusted source of industry knowledge and bring together experts to share ideas, experience, and solutions to today’s challenging reimbursement landscape.”

For information on how to increase collections and improve performance, or to set up a meeting with TELCOR at the 2024 Q1 Productions Diagnostic Coverage and Reimbursement, contact Marketing at 402-489-1207.


TELCOR is the proven leader of lab-specific revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. With a SaaS software solution for labs to manage their own revenue cycle or a TELCOR-managed billing service when they choose to outsource billing, TELCOR solutions provide a high level of visibility allowing managers the ability to make informed decisions. Reducing labor costs, increasing efficiencies, and improving key performance indicators can help laboratories increase collections and improve profitability.